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The idea behind this website is to discover people in the real world that have powers. To bring to light mysteries and generally cool ideaologies. I think that everyone has to some degree experienced powers similar to the characters in the Heroes NBC show. I would like to write and read about just that.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mission 2 : The 6th Sense

Mission 2: To find people with real abilities 6th sense type abilities, or stories. Anything related to ESP, being able to percieve future events before they happen. Any strange stories, weird stories. Things you cannot explain. Dejavu, that sort of stuff. If you can do something like the guys on Heroes, post something on youtube and link to it on my blog.

My mom used to talk about this one Dejavu experience where she had dreamt of a buildings layout the night before; and when she was there in actuality she was able to recognize landmarks, and stuff seemed familiar.

I had an experience where I dreamt that a certain girl was going to dump me. That her and her friend had gone to a party; and she had done something bad. And yep 10-15 mins after I woke up. I received the phone call. Yep, she cheated on me and Yep we were breaking up. 10 or so minutes after that the police knocking at my door asking me where she was; luckily i had star 69'd the number so I knew where she last called from. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

The 6th sense, is also referred to in psych circles as 'Mind Sight'. Someone posted a post regarding a 'near death experience' which is also referred to as mindsight in this article. -Blind from Birth and Near Death Experiences- . A link to an article about some research done by a Canadian Researcher: Ron Rensink The New Scientist Report also has some interesting points to consider.

Two British scientists in 2002, requested a load of cash to research near death experiences in the article - Dead but awake is it possible? What we really need is links to new research or links to the results of research studies that have already finished. If anyone knows of such research, please post it.

Déjà vu on the other hand, is explained well in Wikipedia having supposed links to mental illness. The word is french for 'already seen'. And yet in formal studies 70% or more of the population report having had Deja vu experiences. An Egyptian magazine Egypt Today in Feb of 2005 reported that animals also have a sixth sense, in this article:

The Sixth Sense? Whether in relation to the devastating tsunami or mating season, the animal kingdom has its share of seers and strutters. cites information related to the December 26, 2004 Tsunami. Can this be debated as mere bullshit, or is there some truth to this in genetics and science? That is what this blog hopes to discover.


Blogger Secondhand Smoke said...

My ex predicted that big Tsunami that that hit the Sri Lanka area in the side mirror of my '98 Taurus. No Bullshit. She was staring at it and tripped out and told me about her vision and like a month later it happened.

12:39 AM  
Blogger MENTAL said...

I nearly came to an end on March 3, 2006. It was about 1230pm and I was driving to my first industrial EMS job, the drive was uneventful and going well despite a number of large trucks moving huge heavy equipment and industrial supplies. I was listening to Metallica on CD, I think the song that was playing was 'Frayed Ends Of Sanity'.

I was a little more than an hour from my destination when I came up behind a rig with a flatdeck; had pipelifter or something on the back, I can't quite remember. Anyhow, the driver was slowing down and pulling to the right. This highway was only one lane each way so I knew I was going to have to go by this guy at some point.

After a minute or so, the trucker was down to about 80km and further to the right (bear in mind not once did he signal his intention). I figured it was time to pass, single dotted line, no oncoming traffic etc etc. So I pulled out into the oncoming lane to pass, accelerated back up to the speed limit and was beside his deck, when he decided to turn left. He had no signal light on the whole time.

I knew what was coming, so I slammed on my brakes and went left as hard as I could to avoid hitting whatever part of him head on. In the split second before collision, out of the corner of my eye I saw a male sitting in my passenger seat looking me directly in the eyes. He didn't say anything but I felt him tell me "Relax, you're ok".

My right front end hit with the trucker's left front tire, I could not control my steering wheel and we went nose to nose into the ditch right into a snow pile. Airbags, brief loss of consciousness, waking up to a searing smell from the steering column seconds later.

I looked over and the man was gone. Short dark hair, comforting brown eyes, to me he appeared mid 20's.

Months later as I was with a pagan friend, I asked if she would do a reading for me so I could find out who this person was that was with me. Turns out it was the archangel Michael, who comes in a time of crisis such as mine when it isn't your time to go...

1:14 AM  
Blogger rubixcubeman said...

I see a horse
Some time a while back, when i did alot of things that I should'nt have. I experimented with ways that I could freak people out at parties. I some how was able to tell things about other people. The christians, called it something like ' the word of wisdom '. However the people in that circle saw me as an outcast. One night while partying, I cannot recall the year even. I met a girl named Cheryl. I'm not even sure that's how to spell her name. In any case, after some hard partying I decided to tell her something. I said at first, I know things about you that are impossible for me to know. I can ' see your soul ' I believe was the words I used. Now ofcourse she did not believe me; and thought it was funny. And, I waited to hear the ultimate test from her which was ' prove it '. I sat down on the floor, and put my self into a trance like state. I cannot fully explain that state except that I am not asleep, and I do not have my eyes closed. The room often dims sharply as if I were putting on dark glasses. I recall, I said something akin to, now think of something impossible for me to know, something from your past. I think, i may have looked in her eyes at the time, or may have been touching her hand or leg. I sat and told her what I saw, and I said ' I see this about you. Something I have a hard time explaining because I don't know what this means. But I see you very young; and I see a horse and you are afraid. Why are you afraid of horses?' At this particular moment, she was afraid of me and said something about how it freaked her out and I said ' why is that ' and she said something about how when she was a kid she was kicked by a horse. This was impossible for me to know, I had just met her that night at the party. And then she said what everyone always says, ' don't ever do that again. Have you ever had a moment when you knew something about someone else, and had never met them before that day? If so, tell me.

6:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The 6th sense does not always save us from something that is about to go wrong; sometimes it only warns us so that we are prepared for the worst when it comes. Even then, other people and other variables can throw a wrench into the mix. Who could've changed what might've happened. Would this have happened, if that had not? If I had made a different decision would this be true?
Do those things happen for a reason of a higher being, or by reason of us interfering with the natural progression of the earth?
With free will we see that even our smallest action; causes another action elsewhere, and this action continues without end, as this action is energy and energy can not be created or destroyed. Even when we don't see its impact, like the ripple in a pond, there is another action for our actions.
There was a sweet girl who died Sunday, after a long battle with Anorexia. There were questions at the funeral today, whether certian people could've changed what she did to herself. And yet to live or to die is our own decision. The perfect state of humanity is that we can make that decision our selves; whether it is for the best is another question. Her last hope was that people would donate to World Vision so that others who were starving, not of themselves should have something to eat. Her battle with Anorexia was long, and arduous. Every action, causes another action.
And no sweet(name withheld)we never saw it coming. Even with a 6th sense, and warning signs, and angels, there are always other variables, other factors, other people, and other decisions, made that made impact the story's end. When one lives, one suffers, when one dies others suffer.

10:32 PM  

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