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Welcome to my blog about the NBC Show Heroes, I'm trying to find real people with real Hero stories. The response so far has been sweet! In the first month over 6000 visitors! Thank you for your support of this blog!

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The idea behind this website is to discover people in the real world that have powers. To bring to light mysteries and generally cool ideaologies. I think that everyone has to some degree experienced powers similar to the characters in the Heroes NBC show. I would like to write and read about just that.

The site is mission based, they will be updated as the shows progress. Even the original posts change to include more information from time to time. So check back with the blog often, I try to update it more than once a week. I've added a linkorama so you can promote your Heroes sites. I'm also a conspiracy fanatic, so if I see anyway to work in a good conspiracy theory into the posts I will, you can look forward to it.

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mission 3 : Doomsday Prophecies

This 3rd mission comes at a time of great greif for me. As my friend's sister is no longer with us. And sadly for this there was no warning, or 6th sense feeling for myself. However for my other friend there was. Mission 3, is seeking out stories of Dooms Day prophecy. Will there be a mass explosion like on the tv show Heroes or will it be something closer to the show Jericho? Will we die in the 1/3 of the earth destroyed? Or will we just suffer death by our own devices?

This is the 3rd mission, to seek out the prophets of the end of the world. Someone like Isaac Mendez in Heroes. ' this happened yesterday

Here are some Doomsday Phrophecy Links for those interested.
- Life Positive Article
- Dooms Day

Support this blog by checking out the Prophecy Books chosen at:
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Anonymous Vincent said...

Search for Doomsday prophecies? Sounds like a solution in search of a problem.

To me, a much more interesting thought experiment would be you (as a hero, suppose) would live under circumstances where you do not come in direct opposition with any supervillains.

How would you live? To what extent would you use your power in daily life? Would you flaunt it? After all, a crisis does not make a hero; it simply eccentuates the quality inside some of us.

On a side note, maybe the "thought experiment" is closer to reality that I thought. You probably don't need to look far for global panic; see KJI of North Korea.

7:28 AM  

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