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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

prophetic utterings 1

I had a dream, I was above the city working at 107 street Plaza in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. And I dreamt that terrorists attacked the subways. This ofcourse hasn't happened here. The dream was super realistic. Crazier, is the idea that I might actually work there again sometime soon. I heard a loud bang, and felt the building shift and said something like they did it. I believe the actions of the Canadian military in Aphganistan will come to haunt us here someday soon. I decided I needed to start writing about these dreams. Another dream more recent. I was high above the city on a balcony somewhere over looking Edmonton, and I saw something similar to the shock and awe campaign in Iraq,

except that it was here. And thought to myself the exact same phrase; 'they did it.' Ofcourse this dream was after eating pizza; everyone dreams after eating pizza; but the realism was unreal. Another dream; I saw the terrorist weapons of the future an EMP Pulse weapon; and they were shooting down planes over the city. Until the Canadian military released knowledge of a special helicopter that played decoy; and was invulnerable to emp weapons. Another dream, I experienced a sound pulse weapon blasted in downtown; tested in the Iraq war in the desert storm. Shortly after having the dream I looked it up there actually was such a weapon? (sonic weaponry). And I heard stories from a russian soldier who believed the weapon was only tested once in the Gulf War. I once was told by a supposed black ops special forces guy to watch the pacific rim, isn't that where the Tsunami was? There's a conspiracy theory floating around that the Tsunami was created on purpose, by a satallite pulse weapon. I'll have to look hard to find the stories for you. In any case the dreams have been more vivid lately; perhaps prophectic utterings.

FEMA is Bullshit Video - - - - Conspiracy Video - - What do you think? - -

Fracture Theory mentioned in the video. Fracture Mechanics
Ok, now i'm freaked out a bit. I posted the Emp gun as a bit of a joke really, because who believes that shit is real, until I read an article from 1997.
Now this disturbs me for two reasons, the one dream that I mentioned about the emp pulse weapon fired from the sky was around 1997. This article was also written back then. Now isn't that a real mind job.


Anonymous Kronah said...

conspiracy theroy or not

1 thing will always be on your side


anyone will ty to sell an idea

how many people think that mr borat is a real person

at the same time, how many people believe that the terrorist wont try to strick again because this is america

don't side with perpetuation, side with prevention when it come to bad things

when it comes to good things
don't side with omission
make it more than wishing ;)

have fun

11:37 PM  

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