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Welcome to my blog about the NBC Show Heroes, I'm trying to find real people with real Hero stories. The response so far has been sweet! In the first month over 6000 visitors! Thank you for your support of this blog!

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The idea behind this website is to discover people in the real world that have powers. To bring to light mysteries and generally cool ideaologies. I think that everyone has to some degree experienced powers similar to the characters in the Heroes NBC show. I would like to write and read about just that.

The site is mission based, they will be updated as the shows progress. Even the original posts change to include more information from time to time. So check back with the blog often, I try to update it more than once a week. I've added a linkorama so you can promote your Heroes sites. I'm also a conspiracy fanatic, so if I see anyway to work in a good conspiracy theory into the posts I will, you can look forward to it.

You can read the latest mission below.... Good luck.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Mission 6: Find He Who Can Fly

Is human flight potential real? Perhaps. Perhaps not. It is said that Jesus rose up into the sky. Someone else also said that in the last days, it will be like it was in the days of Noah. A wicked time indeed. And someone else said, that we would be able to do some of the same miracles as Jesus did, in the last days. It comes down to faith right? Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. Or so it is said. Why do we crucify our heroes when they show themselves? All throughout history and in many different religeons we've done away with our heroes. Not just in the western world, but in the far east as well. So then, is the mind of the child that is unfetered by the ways of the world what we need to see our true potential? If we truely were made in the eyes of god, is god a cockroach as Mohinder says? Or are we more? Isn't it time to believe again, at least in something, at least in our own potential if nothing else. God or Devil aside to be positive, and to "soar on the wings of eagles" if that were possible for us. And yet, some choose the negative path as I once did. The shadows at times can bring peace, but not clarity. The darkness can bring safety, but also let us feel alone. We must then, find he who can fly at least in his heart and mind to make this world a little better.

That is Mission 6, to find the one who can fly, again. Woe to the dreamer who cannot dream his dreams of flying anymore. He must wakeup to see he needs not dream at all, but he can fly still, he always could.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are those who can float, fly etc... I have seen it. I know there are many who are special. This show will do good for those who are afraid to show what they can do or of what others can do...... Give credit to God the giver of gifts not evolution. All things are possible to him who believes.. Mark 9:23

8:43 PM  

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