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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Project 10 - The Numbers Change Everything

You may not believe this, but it doesn't matter. will you consider something that falls outside your normal, everyday experience? I recently watched the movie Twenty Three. It's a strange movie about applying numerology to your own life. The phenomena it portrays are fascinating. The main character is played by Jim Carrey. For those of you that haven't seen the film, I'm not spoiling the plot. So take the time to watch it. The title is Twenty Three because the number had some seriously whacked out significance to the one character, and is involved in some amazing and supposedly true conspiracy stories. I thought I would check out this number thing myself. I started out like the main character of the movie: by finding my own number. For me, the significant number is ten. And so, here is my ultimate conclusion: Ten represents rebirth because it arrives after the darkness of the ninth number. The cycle repeats itself; ten is the point after which the numbers become new again. revealed in this way, ten denotes the perfection of numbers. I also saw that ten was the final number. It will lead to itself: one plus zero equals one, to lead the number back to the one reading this message: you. One is the cycle's beginning so the responsibility comes to you now. And begins with you now. Nine implies ruin but ten implies completeness of order, nothing lacking and Nothing left over. It signifies that the cycle is complete, that everything is in its proper order. And ten is the number that represents the perfection of divine order. My divine obsession is ten, my full name equals ten; I will and therefore I am passing this on to you and nine other people. Find out if your own full name is equal to 10. Use the following and you can discover your number.....

Calculate your first and last name, do it using this guide:

A = 1 J = 10 (1) S = 19 (1)
B = 2 K = 11 (2) T = 20 (2)
C = 3 L = 12 (3) U = 21 (3)
D = 4 M = 13 (4) V = 22 (4)
E = 5 N = 14 (5) W = 23 (5)
F = 6 O = 15 (6) X = 24 (6)
G = 7 P = 16 (7) Y = 25 (7)
H = 8 Q = 17 (8) Z = 26 (8)
I = 9 R = 18 (9)

If your name is Jason for example: it can be calculated as follows:


And then you add your last name. If it was five, you can add your numbers together to get 10. You should save this number somewhere, and remember it, because it is your number.

And now, you must ensure the chain of life isn't broken. You must now complete the numerical order. You must pass this on to the same number of people that corresponds to your name, or else bad luck will befall you within your number of days. Do not fail!

This, 10 is my numerical obsession. I've written a book called Project Ten, it speaks of how any one can get anything for free online with 10 secrets. It sells for $10.00 [ HERE ]. You have to sell this book enough times for your 'sacred' number to reach 10. You will get $4.00 for every person that buys it from you: 6 plus four people would equal ten. But... If you decide to sell this book and you have to sell a number equal to your 'sacred' number. Sell it, the book; go [ HERE ] to register for instructions, before you send this email out to at least ten of your friend;. good, your number is 4 as an example? You number sells 6 copies to complete the cycle of 10. At minimum, you have to send this email then to 6 of your friends. Lest bad luck befall you, on day 6 of this plus 4. My obsession is the number X. The cost of my favorite drink = ten. 10 = the full name of my spouse. My employee ID number is 10. My work address also = 10. My birth date adds up to 10. All of these number combinations of ten are for real, that's what started this. The 10th house is Capricorn which is = 10. I know, that you can reduce 10 to 1 but that begins the cycle over. Mine is the end.

Please leave your story - Project 10 - The Numbers Change Everything



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